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Legor® AG108M - Casting Alloy 925 Silver

Legor's AG108M is a master alloy for 925‰ silver jewelry, designed for lost-wax casting in closed and open systems. This formulation can be alloyed from title 925‰ to title 935‰. It is particularly suitable for stone-in-place casting. The hardness of 925‰ silver alloyed with AG108M can be moderately increased by means of a heat treatment. Please refer to the technical chart for information on the correct age-hardening procedure. AG108M has the highest level of deoxidizers among the Ag-Q line alloys; this makes it suitable for casting in open systems, although the alloy can be used with success also in closed systems. AG108M offers excellent fluidity in casting; the as-cast tree is clean from oxide scales; it has extremely high shininess, lustrous color and compact surface after finishing. AG108M has a very good resistance against tarnishing from sulphur compounds. MSDS. Technical Sheet.