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Castaldo® LiquaFast Ice® Molding Rubber

LiquaFast Ice®  from Castaldo® is a transparent two–part 0% shrinkage RTV silicone molding rubber that cures very rapidly at normal room temperatures and cures even faster at slightly warmer temperatures. That means that you can make a mold from your CAD CAM, RP and SLA models in the morning, shoot waxes 30 minutes later and cast them that afternoon. No more waiting! LiquaFast Ice® makes strong, tough, tear-resistant permanent molds that last and last and do not become soft with age. Works well with all RP types, including hard-to-mold Solidscape® designs. LiquaFast Ice's® low viscosity makes it easy to measure, mix and pour. Normal cure time is only 60 – 90 minutes. Faster cure is possible at only 50˚ C. / 120˚ F. Instructions. Part A MSDS. Part B MSDS.

    Shore A Hardness 40
    Mix ratio by weight 1:1
    Viscosity **


    8,500 cps

    Vulcanizes at

    70 ̊ F/ 21 ̊C

    Cure time 60-90 minutes
    Rapid Cure Time @150 ̊F/ 65 ̊C 30 minutes
    Specific gravity *** 1.12
    Elongation before break 370%
    Tensile strength before break

    508 psi

    3.5 n/mm²

    Tear strength Die C before break

    108 lb./in.

    18.9 n/mm

    Color Clear blue