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Castaldo® Quick-Sil® Silicone

Castaldo® QuickSil® molds are not weak, delicate prototypes that can be used only once or twice. They can produce dozens or hundreds of injections, depending on the complexity of the design. They do not deteriorate or become soft over time but instead last for decades. QuickSil® makes production molds but is also ideal for short runs or the last-minute emergencies that are typical in any jewelry manufacturing business. QuickSil® is a two-part room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber putty that is easily mixed by hand. It is not a liquid rubber, making it ideal for those without a vulcanizer or a vacuum pump. Molds cure ready-to-use with 0% rubber shrinkage in only 15 minutes at room temperature. QuickSil® molds are easy to cut and require no lubrication, powder or release sprays as the rubber is self-lubricating. Instructions. Part A MSDS. Part B MSDS.

    Shore A Hardness 40
    Mix ratio by weight 1:10
    Viscosity **

    Not a liquid.

    A clay-like putty.

    Vulcanizes at

    70 ̊ F/ 21 ̊C

    Cure time 15 minutes
    Rapid Cure Time @150 ̊F/ 65 ̊C Less than 15 minutes
    Specific gravity *** 1.32
    Elongation before break 550%
    Tensile strength before break

    660 psi

    4.1 n/mm²

    Tear strength Die C before break

    115 lb./in.

    20.1 n/mm

    Color Light green