Zak Jewelry Tools

Connoisseurs® Sonic Dazzle Stik™

Connoisseurs® new Sonic Dazzle Stik™ will make all your jewelry shine. The Stik™ has UltraSoft® bristles with polished tips so it will not scratch jewelry. The replaceable brush head oscillates left and right 8000 cycles per minute for maximum effectiveness. Includes one 1 oz. bottle of advanced jewelry cleansing gel for gold, platinum, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and costume jewelry; and one 1 oz. bottle of silver jewelry cleansing formula removes dirt and tarnish from sterling silver and silver plate while it also leaves an anti-tarnish shield. Just cover tip of  brush with cleanser of choice for perfect results. Includes 2 AAA batteries and instruction manual. MSDS.