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Legor® 5N Gold Flash Plating Solution

Legor's GF5N is a  gold electrolyte intended for bath plating, which deposits  a uniform, shiny layer in a 5N color. 5N can be described as a reddish yellow with warm brown undertones. GF5N is intended for decorative use therefore has been designed for flash plating permitting a deposition thickness of up to 0.2 micron. This yellow gold plating solution is Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium free, and despite being a traditional cyanide based alkaline bath, it is easily transported given the toxic level contained is below the limit established by international transportation laws. 1 liter bottle. MSDS. Technical Sheet.

  • 5N or reddish yellow gold color.
  • Decorative layers up to 0.2 micron.
  • Good color repeatability.
  • Low gold content.
  • Nickel, lead, and cadmium free.
  • Alkaline solution.
  • Ready to use bath formula.
  • This item is only available for domestic purchases. If this item is added to an international order, it will be removed and refunded to you.