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Legor® Brown Gold Flash Solution

Legor's Brown gold or otherwise known as Chocolate Gold is now obtainable through a plating deposition. GFBROWN-K gives jewelers and electroplating operators everywhere an alternative gold color option away from the standard yellow and red tones that are available today, granting more design options. Chocolate Gold is also an excellent way to highlight brown stones in a setting, bringing out the stones color with less contrast and giving more emphasis to the highlight color. GFBROWN-K is intended for decorative use therefore has been designed for flash plating permitting a deposition thickness of up to 0.2 micron. This brown  gold plating solution is Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium free. 1 liter bottle. MSDS. Technical Sheet. This item is only available for domestic purchases. If this item is added to an international order, it will be removed and refunded to you.