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Legor® White Rhodium for Bath Plating

Legor's RH2M is a ready-to-use white rhodium for bath plating. The properties of the RH2M rhodium deposit grant a higher degree of whiteness due to a more compact deposition when compared to standard rhodium solutions following the same process cycle. These results have been obtained by improving working conditions: the applicable voltage range has been widened, making the process parameters more flexible to guarantee optimal results. This new anti-burn technology eliminates the most common errors such as: surface calculation inaccuracy, prolonged immersion times, bath overheating and excessive voltage. It is also possible to obtain thicknesses of 1.0 Micron. As a consequence of the more brilliant deposition, the average consumption of the rhodium suspended in the electrolyte inclines to be around 10% higher under the same working conditions.Troubleshoot. MSDS. Technical Sheet.

  • Superior white color.
  • Ideal for productions without object shape consistency.
  • Anti-burn technology.
  • Maximum process flexibility.
  • This item is only available for domestic purchases. If this item is added to an international order, it will be removed and refunded to you.