Zak Jewelry Tools

Dialux Polishing Compounds

A select type of super soft abrasive, uniformly blended with a carrier wax. These compounds have a special formulation for good adhesion to buffs or felt wheels. Only minimal amounts need to be used. Priced by 4 oz. bar.

  • Red - For a bright shine on yellow gold and silver.
  • Green - Medium cutting compound for chrome and stainless steel. 
  • White - For reflective polishing of silver and silver alloys.
  • Blue - A general-purpose polishing compound for all metals. 
  • Orange - Leaves a high degree of finish on soft metals. 
  • Yellow - Recommended for a bright finish on brass, bronze, and copper. 
  • Gray - Best for producing a reflective finish on stainless steel.
  • Black - Recommended high polishing compound for Silver.