Zak Jewelry Tools

Best Built Combination Rolling Mills

Best Built Rolling Mills are sturdy, well built machines which follow a simple time tested design. Proper use and maintenance will ensure a lifetime of high quality results.

  • Basic maintenance will ensure years of use.
  • Half round size rollers
  • Reduction gear.
  • All the bearings are self-lubricating and no maintenance.
  • The drive gears on the left side (opposite the reduction gear) should be greased every four months. Remove the end cap and use standard gear grease.
  • There is no maintenance required for the reduction gear.
  • Keeping the rollers clean and free from debris is essential for best results and long life. Apply a light oil to the rollers and wipe clean on a daily basis. During heavy use do this several times a day. It only takes a few moments but will keep your rollers pristine and generate excellent, consistent results.