Zak Jewelry Tools

ABI Tack II Machine

  • For welding brass, gold, silver, platinum, aluminum, titanium, nickel silver, stainless steel, copper or dissimilar metals. 
  • Fusion weld ear posts or clips, joints, catches, tie tack pins & pin backs.
  • Tack working weld/position settings, bezels, heads, joints, links/jumprings, catches, ring prongs, for repairs or production.
  • Complete with manual,contact pad, carbon overlay, small double pole tweezers, single pole tweezers, brass jaw priers and touch weld pencil. Features automatic recharge, volt meter and foot pedal operation.
  • Energy: Dual Level : Hi/Low
  • 110/220 Volt, 1 Phase, 50-60 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 8" x 12" x 4.5"
  • Weight: 18 lb.
  • 22,000-58,000 MFD @ Adjustable12 to 70 Volts DC