Zak Jewelry Tools

GRS® Power Hone Complete QC System

Sharpen gravers and tools in seconds without heat using the GRS Power Hone. It provides a sharper, stronger tool edge for brighter cuts, cleaner lines and scrolls, more precise beads and finer shading. Beginners learn proper sharpening in minutes with easy-to-use sharpening fixtures made from the GRS Power Hone.

Diamond wheels and a low speed allow hardened steel, high-speed steel and carbide tools to be sharpened. With its heavy steel housing, continuous-duty motor, and double-bearing spindle, the GRS Power Hone is a sharpeners users can depend on for years.

Complete Dual Angle System Includes: 

  1. Power Hone
  2. Quick Change Sharpening Fixture
  3. Quick Wheel Change Adapter
  4. 260 & 600 Diamond Wheels
  5. Ceramic Lap
  6. 1/2 Micron Diamond Spray
  7. Wheel Storage Rack