Foredom® Lathe Wheels EVE 2 1/2"

New, larger diameter 2 1/2 Silicone Wheels make short work of larger finishing jobs for jewelers and metal smiths. Wheels can be used on the face or its side for lapping and can be contoured to any shape with the use of a dressing stone or diamond file. They create very little dust and are long lasting when used properly. Note: While wearing safety glasses, wheels can be contoured with steps, channels, and half round grooves to help prep any large piece for polishing. However care should be used not to crack, tear, or break the silicone wheels.

  • Universal Silicone Wheels are for smoothing, grinding and preparing larger cast pieces for a final polish. Use on ferrous & non-ferrous metals.
  • Platinum Wheels are for use on platinum, stainless steel & chrome-cobalt. They offer a less aggressive approach for finishing hard metals.
  • Pumice Wheels are for finishing metals already set with natural and man-made gemstones.