Intercept® Tarnish Prevention Strips

Intercept™ technology non-abrasive anti-tarnish strips measure 2" x 7" for large storage areas of 30 to 424 Cu. Perfect for protecting jewelry, flatware, holloware, and electronics, from tarnish and corrosion! Anti-tarnish strips from Intercept are 2" x 7" pieces of a revolutionary, break-through technology invented and patented by AT&T/Lucent Technologies for anti-corrosion/anti-tarnish applications. Intercept reacts with and permanently neutralizes the gases that cause unsightly tarnish. Store your jewelry, silver and other precious metals and keepsake items (metal and non-metallic) in a dry container. Ensure that the items to be stored are clean and place them together with an Intercept Technology™ Strip. Please note, that only physical or chemical cleaning can remove tarnish and oxidation that has already started. Intercept anti-tarnish strips should provide protection for your valuables for up to 12+ months of continuous use depending on how well sealed the container is. We advise that one (1) Intercept Technology™ 2" x 7" strip should be, under normal conditions, sufficient to provide protection for the inside of a container that measures 424 cubic inches