JSP® Micromotor

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Micromotors are small, fast power tools ideal for polishing, drilling, grinding plus many other bench jobs. This micrormotor consists of 2 parts: the base unit and the handpiece.  The base unit controls the speed and direction by delivering electrical power to the handpiece.  The handpiece does the work.  It houses the tiny motor right inside thus the name micromotor. 

  • Use all of your favorite standard flexshaft abrasives and attachments! The handpiece features a quick change collet that holds 3/32" (2.38mm) shanks.
  • With the quick change collet, it's a breeze to switch polishing bits.  Just a twisting  the handpiece releases the bit and a twist back locks it in place.  No fumbling with chuck keys or collet wrenches.  So no wasted time or headaches!
  • Small - It fits neatly on any workbench or table. The control box itself has a footprint of just 4-1/2" x 6".
  • Lightweight - At under 4 pounds it is very portable. Take it to art shows, craft fairs, workshops. All you need is to plug it in.
  • Convenient - The handpiece has a 3/32" (2.38mm) quick change collet for easy switching of your favorite burs and polishers.
  • Powerful - The standard handpiece delivers  30,000rpm.
  • A pleasure to use - It has low noise, low vibration and low heat even after hours of use.
  • Features speeds of 0 - 30,000rpm.
  • On/off foot control/pedal that lets you have the speed you selected on the dial at your handpiece in an instant.
  • Dial speed control.
  • Forward and reverse switch.
  • Standard handpiece with 3/32" collet.
  • Twist operated quick change collet.
  • Handpiece holder.
  • Built in bur holder for 6 burs.
  • Switchable 110v operation.