Zak Jewelry Tools

Procraft® Bead Blaster

Produces a stream of micro-sized glass beads for removing stubborn investmentparticles, oxidation and heat scale from metal. Leaves article with smooth finish. Made in USA. Features a large viewing window with hinged door for easy clean-out, illuminated interior (40-watt bulb maximum), neoprene glove sealed to opening for holding article, easily controlled instant action gun. Gun is attached to a 3-1/2' air line hose with fittings. Connects to compressor (sold separately), capable of producing 30 to 60 PSI pressure with at least a 5 gallon tank. Weighs only 10 lbs. when filled with 5 lbs. of glass beads. Supplied with 5 lbs. waterproof micro-sized glass beads. Measures 9" x 9" x 9". 110 volt.