Legor® WG142C - White Alloy 14-18 KT Casting

Legor's WG142C is a master alloy for 585-750‰ (14-18 Kt) white gold jewelry, designed for lost-wax casting in closed systems.The color of 750‰ gold made using WG142C shows a standard white color grade (Yellow index: 23.9). In title 585‰ the alloy has a premium white color grade (Yellow index: 18.2). In 750‰ title it is recommended to proceed with rhodium plating deposition on surface in order to ensure maximum whiteness on the final jewel. This operation is not mandatory in title 585‰. WG142C has a medium level of deoxidizers; this makes it suitable for casting in closed systems. During melting it is clean from dirt and leaves minimum residue in the crucible. WG142C offers excellent fluidity in casting; the as-cast tree is clean from oxide scales; it has high shininess and lustrous color after finishing. MSDS. Technical Sheet.