Yehuda Sherlock Holmes 3.0 CVD & HPHT

LAB GROWN DIAMOND, NATURAL DIAMOND, CZ, & MOISSANITE DETECTOR. The ultimate Sherlock Holmes 2.0 Detector does it all! The Sherlock Holmes is designed to separate all sizes of loose and mounted natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds in the D-K color range. It also separates loose CZ, moissanite, synthetic diamond coated CZ and moissanite. Manual. The Sherlock Holmes 3.0 was independently tested in the ASSURE TEST, in accordance with the Diamond Verification Standard in Underwriters Laboratories (UL), with the test protocols for instruments that separate diamonds from synthetic diamonds. ASSURE ID: 5169974. Weight: 5 lb. Dimensions: 13" X 7" X 8". Please note this item is custom built per order and takes approximately 6 weeks to get in.

  • Same 100% detection rate as the SH 2.0
  • Checks 18 rings at a time
  • Easier to operate–improved user interface
  • Now featuring–NEW large dynamic folding screen
  • Amazing 8x magnification–0.005ct looks like a 2ct (8mm) for effortless detection of even the smallest stones
  • Numerous sensitivities for superior analysis of test results
  • Internal long UV test reduces false-positive results
  • Enhanced simulants detection
  • Portable carrying case included
  • Saves the results directly to your Google-drive/memory stick
  • And much more!

The amazing Sherlock Holmes repeatedly detected 100% of all lab grown diamonds being examined!

  1. Includes 1 small HPHT grown sample stone.
  2. There is no need to touch each stone with a probe.
  3. Identifies both mounted and unmounted diamonds in bulk.
  4. Instantly detects CVD lab-grown diamonds.
  5. Instantly detects HPHT lab-grown diamonds.
  6. It even correctly identify natural diamonds that have been color-enhanced through the HPHT process as natural diamonds.

New SHERLOCK HOLMES 3.0 Features:

  1. Detection of CZ and Moissanite in loose stones.
  2. The 2.0 is 1.25 inch taller.
  3. You can now rotate the ring holder from the outside without the need to open the drawer.
  4. You can manually set the focus so that you no longer need to cover the bottom lamp.
  5. The phone (provided) is connected via cable, so no more disconnection frustrations.
  6. The new phone gives you a slightly larger screen.
  7. 2.0 can export your results via email or Bluetooth and store to G-drive!


Most of the problems may arise from the phone itself.

  1. With any problem–First make sure that the electric cord in fully inserted at the back of the detector and the green light at the back is ON.
  2. The screen goes black–press lightly on the ON/OFF button of the phone and swipe the screen.
  3. The time appears on the screen with “how is the weather”–swipe the screen from bottom to top.
  4. The phone freezes–press a long press the ON/OFF button and restart the phone.
  5. The phone freezes and pressing the ON/OFF button does not help–In this situation there is no choice but to drain the battery. Disconnect the detector and wait until the battery is drained. It may take a few hours until you can start the phone again. After the battery is drained reconnect the electricity and make sure that the green light at the back of the detector is ON. This will charge the phone and a few minutes later you can press the ON button on the side of the phone to start it.
  6. The detector keeps showing the “close the drawer” message, even though the drawer is closed–Make sure the green light at the back is on. Press the HOME button. The detector will reconnect to the Bluetooth and you can continue to work.