Zirconia Pin Hole Discs for Platinum

Zirconia Alumina Blue Discs are ideal for use with platinum but works great on gold and silver as well. Far superior to other abrasives they will aggressively cut and grind with a uniform precision. Resin-backing for superior durability Blue Discs will last 2 to 3 times longer than conventional abrasives. Perfectly centered holes eliminate vibration allowing precise cuts. Lubricate with water. 

  • Extremely fast cutting abrasive, these new blue resin bonded sanding discs are thin and flexible.
  • Use for pre-polishing, semi-finishing and bending.
  • Suitable for use on non-ferrous metals, precious metals, platinum and titanium.
  • Max. speed is 20,000 RPM.
  • Box of 100.
  • Use with screw on mandrel.