Abrascotch-Hardi Non-Woven Mounted Flap Wheels

Abrascotch mounted abrasives are used in handpieces. Abrascotch mounted abrasives nylon non-woven abrasive heads which are stable and pliable. They clean and leave a matte finish on metal or plastic surfaces. They are excellent for prostheses and thermoforming slides, smoothing, pre-polishing and for thermoforming films in dental labs.

Available in 4 different abrasive grits:

  • Dark Grey 800 grit (very fine) is for pre-polishing and finest deburring of thermoforming foils.
  • Red 400-280 grit (fine) is for smoothing all types of plastics.
  • Brown 240-180 grit (medium) is for smoothing all types of plastics.
  • Tan 120-80 grit (coarse) is for deburring of thermoforming foils and for smoothing plastics.