Bench Apron

Another invention to save space on the bench and provide the jeweler with storage at arms length.  This "Bench Apron" holds 38 tools and has pockets for pliers, tweezers, needle files and other small items, plus loops for hammers or large shears. Plier pockets allow the head to show for easy retrieval. Made of a sturdy canvas with PVC backing, the Bench Apron is suspended from a 3/8" rod which is attached to the bench by a bracket. The telescopic rod allows the Bench Apron to be pushed back when the bench is not in use. This is a great way to organize and get tools off the working surface of your bench. The Bench Apron measures 18" wide by 23" high, and comes packed individually with rod, bracket and four screws. It attaches directly to the leg of any bench and takes about five minutes to install. Could have one on each side!