Buffalo Dental® Alcohol Torch

The classic Buffalo Dental Alcohol Torch is an economical device that produces a needle-point flame with only a gentle squeeze of the plastic bottle. The unit now has an optional fluorescent base which reduces chance of knocking the unit over.

  • 5 1/4″ high torch uses denatured alcohol fuel for cost savings and convenience.
  • Base of the bottle is weighted with marbles to further improve safety.
  • Ideal for use in applying rolled edges to vacuum formed adaptations (flame edge and rub with thumb).
  • Versatile torch can also be used as an alcohol lamp.
  • 3-point base for added stability.
  • The base has an easy slide fit and can remain with the torch as you use it or on the bench as a receptacle.
  • Includes plastic cap to help keep fuel from evaporating when torch is not in use (for use after torch is extinguished).