Legor® Extra Black Ruthenium

Legor's RU5BLACK-X is an extra black ruthenium plating electrolyte which deposits a glossy layer of ruthenium metal in a jet black color. The solution is sold as a kit  with the ruthenium solution as part A and the blackening agent in powder form separately as part B. The black color produced is developed with additions of  heavy organic additives that oxidize the ruthenium metal as it is deposited.  Precise mixing instructions must be followed to obtain optimum results. This acidic based compound is primarily used in decorative plating applications for a deep black color option in the case where corrosion resistance is also a requirement. Due to the fact ruthenium has a lower conductivity than other precious metals, the electrolyte requires a greater metal concentration to function optimally. The formulation is 100% arsenic free both in the metal deposited and in the chemical itself and falls within REACH compliance. 1 liter bottle. MSDS. Technical Sheet.

  • Deeb black color.
  • Arsenic free.
  • REACH compliant.
  • 5 grams per liter.
  • Economical precious metal deposit.
  • Ready to use bath formula.
  • This item is only available for domestic purchases. If this item is added to an international order, it will be removed and refunded to you.