Legor® Tenaris Pro Anti-Tarnish

Legor's Tenaris Pro is a chemical passivation agent developed for metallic substrates which naturally have poor corrosion resistance . Some of these substrates include  silver, brass, bronze, low karat gold,  and some  electroplated layers. By applying Tenaris Pro to these metals, oxidation (tarnish) resistance is dramatically elevated by providing an invisible layer which seals the substrate form external elements. Laboratory tests have proven that chemical passivation protects from corrosion originating from hydrogen sulfide, UV radiation, synthetic sweat, and  humidity. Tenaris Pro is easy to use, not requiring  any electrical current and works simply by heating up the product and dipping in your object. 1 liter bottle. MSDS. Technical Sheet. Photo shows items with and without use of Tenaris Pro.

  • Excellent protection from oxidization (tarnish).
  • No physical alteration to treated surface.
  • Does not require electrical current.
  • Chromium and heavy metal free.
  • Easy to use.
  • This item is only available for domestic purchases. If this item is added to an international order, it will be removed and refunded to you.