Legor® OR134 - Red Alloy 14-18 KT Casting

OR134 is a master alloy for 375-585-750‰ (9-14-18 Kt) red gold jewelry, designed as an all-purpose formulation. OR134 is suitable for lost-wax casting in closed systems. The alloy can also be used for  continuous casting and for ingot casting of semi-finished items such as sheet and wire. The main mechanical deformation processes in which OR134 can be used are stamping, blanking, wire making, CNC and lathe production. Although conceived for title 750‰, the alloy is suitable also in lower titles. The color of 750‰ gold made using OR134 shows a characteristic deep red hue. A red hue color is obtained also in lower gold titles. OR134 offers a very high level of grain refinement, useful to avoid brittleness problems, which are common in traditional 750‰ red gold alloys. The hardness of 750‰ gold alloyed with OR134 can be greatly increased by means of a heat treatment. The alloy is not suitable for age-hardening in lower titles. OR134 has high shininess and extremely compact surface after finishing. MSDS. Technical Sheet.

  • Unique deep red color!
  • Suitable in all titles, very flexible on different processes.
  • Minimizing brittleness issues in 750‰ red gold.