Starter Jewelry Making Set

Practically everything needed for your jewelry-making projects! All first-quality tools for sawing, drilling, twisting, hammering, filing, polishing, etc.  Set includes the following items all arranged in a plastic tool box : V-slot board and bench clamp, saw frame & saw blades, dividers, ruler (mm & inch), center punch with scriber combination, chinese white, hand drill, twist drills (6 assorted), pin vise, 3 pliers (round, flat, chain), snips, ball peon hammer, mallet, wood dapping block and punches, steel ring mandrel, ring clamp, setting burnisher, prong pusher, 6" flat file with handle, 6" half-round rile with handle, 3 needle files, india stone, 4 emery paper, felt hand buff for tripoli, tripoli compound, chamois hand buff for rouge, red rouge, quick setting adhesive, soldering torch, asbestos-free pad, charcoal block, binding wire, hard soldering flux, flux brush, silver solder, pickling compound, plain tweezers, soldering tweezers, copper tongs and "The Jewelers Bench Reference" Manual.