Steamaster Steamer HPJ-2

Sold out.

This unit has been a favorite of jewelers for years!

  • Foot activated steam release valve and manual reset low water cutoff to prevent overheating due to low water levels
  • Highest quality components and construction that meet A.S.M.E standards.
  • 2 gallon capacity tank.
  • One year warrants on parts only, not labor.
  • No installation required.
  • Cabinet dimensions are: 9" W X 17" D X 17" H.
  • Power 110V.
  • 15 AMP.
  • 1500 WATT.
  • For quality control, manufacturers test steamers before shipping. For this reason, you may find water and/or residue in the steamer. This does not indicate that the machine has been used. This ensures that the machine works efficiently and properly.