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Legor® WA1481T - White Alloy 14-18 KT Working

Legor's WA1481T is a master alloy for 375-585-750‰ (9-14-18 Kt) white gold jewelry, designed for mechanical working. WA1481T is suitable for continuous casting and for ingot casting of semi-finished items such as sheet, wire and tube. The main processes of 750‰ gold made using WA1481T are hollow chain, TIG tube and cladding production. In 375-585‰ titles the main processes are hollow chain, TIG tube, cladding production, CNC and lathe production. The color of 585-750‰ gold made using WA1481T shows an off-white color grade. Yellow index: 26.2 and 30.8 respectively. In title 375‰ the alloy has a standard white color grade. (Yellow index: 21.8). In 585-750‰ titles it is mandatory to proceed with rhodium plating deposition on surface in order to ensure maximum whiteness on the final jewel. This operation is recommended also in title 375‰. The hardness of 750‰ gold alloyed with WA1481T can be greatly increased by means of a heat treatment. The alloy is not suitable for age-hardening in lower titles. WA1481T has extremely high shininess and lustrous color after finishing. MSDS. Techincal Sheet.